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  • New and More Headshot Styles Being Added!

  • I've been working hard to provide top quality and diverse styles for those who want different kinds of styles in the region for their headshots. Most especially actor headshots where different styles are warranted for different kinds of actors. I've added Ringlight Headshots, and Natural Light Heads[...]
  • Headshot Day on June 25th 2017

  • Hey guys! I'm doing my very first ever headshot day! Now I'll bet you're asking what is a headshot day. It's simple, its a shrieked down version of my full on headshot sessions that generally last from 1-2 hours to 15-30 minutes. It's basically a mini-session where you get a snip-it of a full shoot.[...]
  • The Blurred Lines of Acting & Modeling

  • I'm no actor, nor a model. But I am photographer that works with both many times in the past 5 years of shooting photography. I've spoken to some actors and some literally don't see any value in modeling... at all. And same with the opposite, with models. Why? It understandable everyone is trying to[...]
  • What type of Headshot is best for you? - Part 2

  • This is the part 2 of the original blog post posted here. In this part I'd explain important aspects you should know about a your headshot session, at least with me where I do offer different types of styles in headshots. These are basically known as styles, each style does differ in costs as [...]
  • What type of Headshot is best for you?

  • There are many different types of headshots. Such as actor's headshot, modeling headshot, corporate headshot and many others but those are the 3 I provide with specialized skills and knowledge to make them at great quality too! Actor's Headshot What is a headshot made for actors? It could m[...]