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Chris Adval

Ringlight Headshots

Ringlight headshots are close-up photos using a circular light around the camera, creating even, flattering illumination for professional headshots.

Natural Light Headshots

Natural light headshots are close-up photographs of a person’s head and shoulders taken using only natural sunlight, resulting in a soft and organic look.

Cinematic Headshots

Cinematic headshots are stylized photographs capturing a person’s head and shoulders with dramatic lighting and composition reminiscent of movie scenes, evoking emotion and narrative depth.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots are professional photographs typically featuring head and shoulders of an individual, often used for business purposes such as company websites, LinkedIn profiles, or promotional materials.

Editorial Headshots

Editorial headshots are dynamic and expressive photographs typically used in editorial publications, featuring individuals in a storytelling or fashion-forward manner, often with unique styling, settings, and poses.

Chris Adval

Capture your essence in every frame with a headshot that speaks volumes. Trust in my expertise to craft images that not only represent your professional persona but also exude confidence and charisma, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

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