Viewing Tips

When viewing images either on this website or anywhere else, or even when receiving images after hiring me for headshots please keep in mind, every single monitor will look different. Now I can go into in-depth technical mobojumbo, but if and when you hire me you expect an expert so you can trust me to already know and suggest best practices when using and showing images that is delivered to you from me.

Best Practices

If it very likely you are an actor using the images provided from me, if you are best practices I’d recommend…

  1. Digital Viewing – Try your best to not show potential clients/casting directors/directors, etc. a digital version of your headshots, but if you do please keep in mind to have your image fully edited and retouched to perfection and stamp of approval by your photographer (that’s me!). Remember, when you’re hiring a photographer you’re hiring for their expert and professional opinions as well in imagery. And even if its fully retouched each monitor will look different, this is not the fault of the image it is the fault of monitors are not calibrated to perfection. When you do show it to anyone remind them this is not the exact perfect version, to see the exact version you’d need to view it on a professionally calibrated monitor or professionally printed photo.
  2. Monitor Size – Size matters?! YES! When viewing your images bigger is always better! I promise! Try it, print your headshot at 30×20 and compare it to a 4×6 print, or even better your phone! You’d see a huge difference in feel and emotion when viewing the images. If you’re showing off your headshots and you have to use a digital source, use a tablet if you have one than your phone. Remember bigger is always better in viewing your images!
  3. Print – PRINT YOUR HEADSHOTS! And when you do ensure you have the image fully edited and retouched before being professionally printed. And when I say professionally printed I do not mean the local walmart, CVS, etc. print services. I mean uploading your image to a professional printing labs that your photographer (that’s me again!) highly recommend. I recommend for both printing and retouching services is Colorworks!
  4. The Do not’s! – Do not edit the images yourself. Do not print the images yourself on a home “photo printer”. And do not post an unedited fully retouched image online publicly, or friends, agents in private thats okay, not everywhere else. Why you may ask? Simple, it is very likely you’d ruin my and your public reputation. Not saying you are a bad editor, but you hired me for my expertise, skills, etc. while I cannot professionally retouch every single photo for our sessions I do recommend Colorworks for further retouching to ensure your public image and reputation and mine are intact to perfection.