I’ve been working hard to provide top quality and diverse styles for those who want different kinds of styles in the region for their headshots. Most especially actor headshots where different styles are warranted for different kinds of actors. I’ve added Ringlight Headshots, and Natural Light Headshots. On top of my current Studio Headshots and Cinematic Headshots. I have completed not just one, but two Headshot Days in regards to my Rightlight Headshots. Here’s a full gallery of them!

I haven’t done as many Natural Light Headshots I felt very happy with until I’ve worked with Brenda. Here are 3 amazing photos I did retouched and photographed with her!

_MG_6108 _MG_6146 _MG_6297

Keep in mind though since providing studio headshots I no longer have a studio space. But I have condenced my studio setup to setup either outdoors when its warm, or at your home for a home service. Here’s a sample of grey background, which I can make all white if needed.